Drought Resilience In East African dryland Regions (DRIER) is a 3-year collaborative research project funded by the Royal Society and implemented by a consortium that include Bristol University, UK (Lead institution); University of Nairobi, Kenya; Addis Abba University, Ethiopia, among other collaborators. The project is concerned with near-future drought risk under climate change in East Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia). Specifically, the project seeks to answer the following questions: i) What will be the impacts of climate change on soil moisture and groundwater? ii) How will different areas be affected? iii) What are the barriers to drought adaptation and uptake of information? DRIER project will develop new tools (including a mobile phone app) and data that will enable stakeholders and everyday people to access direct information on the state of the water balance in their local area under current and future rainfall conditions. Using these tools, the project team will work with regional partners and stakeholders to develop strategies for media communication, information uptake, and decision-making for drought adaptation using uncertain data. The products and new understanding from this research have the potential to benefit millions of people in the region.

Role: Co-Investigator, University of Nairobi

Project Duration: January, 2019 – December, 2021

College of Agriculture & Veterinary Science, University of Nairobi
African Dryland Institute for Sustainability , University of Nairobi