• 20222019

    Analysis of Urban and Peri-Urban Pastoral Herd Composition, Land-Use Changes, and Drivers of Pastoralism in Nairobi City

    Walter Magero Wafula

  • 20182015

    Evaluation of Indigenous Grass Species Suitability for Rehabilitation of Degraded Semi-Arid Rangeland in Suswa, Kenya

    Hannah Naykio Kamau

  • 20172015

    Analysis of Fodder Production and Marketing in the Southern Rangelands of Kenya

    Erick Omollo

  • 20152013

    Use Value Indices of Threatened Endemic Plants in Arabuko Sokoke Forest Kilifi County, Kenya

    Maunguja Bakari Ahmed

  • 20152013

    Longitudinal changes in Amboseli ecosystem: An integrated analysis using remote sensing techniques and local perceptions

    Kimili K. Sakimba

  • 20172014

    Impacts of land conversion on carbon stocks in Borena Rangelands of southern Ethiopia

    Priscilla Lalampa

  • 20152014

    Influence of climate variability on vulnerability and adaptation Strategies among Turkana Pastoralists of North-western Kenya

    John N. Wairore

  • 20152014

    Assessing the potential of camel milk production as an Adaptation to Climatic Variability in the Drylands of Kenya

    Lutta Alphayo

  • 20152013

    Assessing the existing fodder value chain as a complementary source of pastoral livelihood in Tana River County

    Okomboli Klerkson Lugusa

  • 20132011

    Pastoral community learning on natural resource conservation and governance: A case of Il Ngwesi conservancy in Laikipia County, Kenya

    Henry Komu Mwaka

  • 20132011

    Utilization and conservation status of wild edible plants in pastoral areas of Kajiado County, Kenya

    Mwanaima Rhajab

  • 20132011

    Assessing socio-economic potential of wild medicinal plants and their threats as a basis for their conservation for enhanced pastoral livelihoods in Kajiado County, Kenya

    Jie Zhang

  • 20112010

    Impacts of grazing on belowground net primary productivity in Songnen Plain, China

    Ning Huang

  • 20102008

    Links between seasonal climatic variability and poverty: A case study of pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in Baringo District, Kenya

    Yazan A.M. Elhadi

  • On-going MSc

  • 20232018

    Analysis of vegetation productivity and diversity under community grazing and conservation areas in Laikipia county, Kenya

    Christine Nyawira Wanjoh

  • 20232018

    Analysis Of Woody and Herbaceous Species Attributes Under Sedentary Agro Pastoral And Semi Nomadic Pastoral Systems in Njemps Flats

    Jackline Achieng Onyango

  • 20232018

    Analysis Of Herbaceous And Woody Species Characteristics In Pastoral Community Grazing Areas

    Sylvia Waithira Muchiri

  • 20222020

    Livestock Manure Management Practices and Methane Emission Under Extensive And Intensive Livestock Systems In Kajiado County

    Sammy Koech

  • 20192017

    Analysis of Land Use and Land Cover Change and Perceptions of the Community on Permaculture in Rusinga Island, Homa Bay County

    Samuel Enock Wekesa

  • 20192017

    Analysis of Shifts in Livelihoods among the Pastoral Households in Urban and Peri-Urban Areas of Isiolo Town, Northern Kenya

    Wako Maliti Yusuf

  • 20192017

    Assessment of Woody Species Diversity in Rusinga Island, Homa Bay County, Kenya

    Nyaga Margeret Ngithi

  • 20172015

    Evaluation of Biomass Yield and Nutrional Quality of Selected Ecotypes of Indigenous Grass Species in Semi-Arid Makueni County, Kenya

    Patricia Luiza Ndungu

  • 20182016

    Analysis of Charcoal Value Chain in the Drylands of Central Pokot Sub County Kenya

    Sharon Teyie

  • 20182016

    Effects of Charcoal Production on Vegetation and Soil Properties in Central Pokot Sub-County, Kenya

    Fredrick Otieno Ochieng

  • 20172014

    Extent of Optuntia species invasion and its impacts of on forage production in the drylands of Laikipia County

    Piranto Ole Mosiany

  • 20162013

    Assessing Factors Contributing to Indigenous Ecological Knowledge (IEK) Loss and Implications to Adaptive Capacity of Samburu Pastoral System

    Caroline Genga

College of Agriculture & Veterinary Science, University of Nairobi
African Dryland Institute for Sustainability , University of Nairobi