• 20202016

    Analysis of the Effects of Institutional, Environmental and Governance Changes on Livestock Trade in Berbera Corridor of Somaliland

    Ahmed Mohamed Musa

  • 20202014

    Contribution of stratified livestock production and marketing system in reduction of losses in the pastoral livestock value chain in Kenya

    Bulle Dabasso.

  • 20202014

    Assessing the potential of pastoral livestock marketing groups to reduce losses in the pastoral livestock value chain in Kenya

    Raphael Lotira

  • 20172014

    Determinants of the Non-Timber Forest Resources Conservation of the Falgore Game Reserve Kano, Nigeria

    Muhammad Sabiu Suleiman

  • 20172013

    Effects of land evictions on ecological and livelihood systems in Uganda’s drylands: The case of oil-rich Buliisa District

    Joseph Ssekandi

  • 20152012

    Assessing the potential of Prosopis juliflora productivity as alternative animal feed and carbon storage in the climate variability prone drylands of Magadi, Kenya

    Richard Kavila Kyuma

  • 20152012

    Impacts of land use change on shoreline erosion and mangrove dynamics: A case study of Watamu-Mida creek in Kenya

    Fikir Alemayehu

  • 20162011

    Impacts of land conversion on carbon stocks in Borena Rangelands of southern Ethiopia

    Michael Elias

  • 20142011

    Influence of climate variability on vulnerability and adaptation Strategies among Turkana Pastoralists of North-western Kenya

    Opiyo, F.Omondi

  • 20142011

    Assessing the potential of camel milk production as an Adaptation to Climatic Variability in the Drylands of Kenya

    Yazan A.M. Elhadi

  • On-going PhD

  • 20242021

    Analysis Of Use Value Of Indigenous Range Grasses And Perceptions On Pasture Production among Pastoralist Communities In Northern Kenya

    Erick Ouma Omollo

  • 20242021

    Analysis of niche distribution and prediction risks by overhead power lines to Raptors in Kenya

    Peggy Mutheu Ngila

  • 20232020

    Analysis of the effectiveness of climate change adaptation governance in Kenya: The case of County Climate Change Fund (CCCF) mechanism in Makueni and Isiolo counties

    Victor A. Orindi

  • 20232020

    Analysis of Physiological Adaptations of Ipomea hildebrandtii, its effects on range herblayer and pastoral livelihoods in Kajiado County, Kenya

    Halima Nenkari

  • 20232020

    Impact of climate variability on household livelihoods resilience and gender roles of pastoral communities in Marsabit County, Kenya

    Armara Macimiliam Galwab

  • 20202017

    Effects of grazing management and drought stress on productivity of Cenchrus ciliaris and D. macroblephara ecotypes and soil carbon in South Eastern Kenya

    Kisambo, Bosco Kidake.

  • 20202017

    Impacts of Climate variability and Herd Mobility on livestock disease control in Samburu Rangelands, Kenya

    Geoffrey Lenyayon Lelenguyah

  • 20202017

    Economic Analysis of the effect of climate Variability and Urbanization on Households’ Livelihood Resilience in drylands of Machakos County, Kenya

    Olila Dennis Opiyo

  • 20202017

    Analysis of the ecological and socioeconomic impacts of range exclosures in Tanqua Abergelle Woreda, Tigray province, Ethiopia

    Haileselassie Ghebremariam Araya

  • 20192016

    Valuation of the Impacts of Rangeland Management Practices in Pastoral Systems

    Lutta Alphayo.

  • 20192016

    Analysis of Governance in Cross-Border Livestock Trade Flows between Kenya and Somalia

    Ng’asike Philemon Ong’ao.

  • 20152012

    Ecological and Socioeconomic Evaluation of Dryland Agroforestry Systems for Adoption in Eastern Kenya

    Nicholas M. Syano

  • 20152012

    Impact of Land Use and Climate Change on Surface Water Resources in a Semi-Arid Environment: The Case of L’Okok Catchment – Uganda

    Richard Osaliya.

College of Agriculture & Veterinary Science, University of Nairobi
African Dryland Institute for Sustainability , University of Nairobi